Heat Pumps

Electric heaters are powered by 3000 watt heating elements, while heat pumps run at 210 watts.

Three times as efficient as Gen 1 electric heaters

To produce the same amount of hot water as an electric heater, heat pumps only use 33% of energy. Heat pumps are three times more efficient than regular electric heaters.

Heat pumps are perfect for tropical climates like Singapore. They absorb free air heat from their surroundings, running well at temperatures of 15ºC to 40º.

satisfied client who ordered a Heat Pump Gen 1.

How do heat pumps work?

Heat Pumps are the ultimate energy efficient water heaters in tropical climates like Singapore. They absorb hot ambient air and use it to heat water.

They consistently save around 80% of energy and are more efficient than solar heaters.

How are heat pumps more efficient than solar?

“Today, the solar panel energy collection efficiency is still pretty low. For most conventional solar panels, the efficiency is between 15 to 20 per centThe question is, can we increase the efficiency beyond 25 per cent?”


– Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry

Which heat pump is suitable for me?

choose your heat pump below based on the number of baths you have at home.

Heat pumps for HDB

Heat pumps are recommended for families of four and above.

Heat pumps for 3-4 bathrooms

Heat pumps can be placed on the roof or ground floor.

Heat pumps for 5 or more bathrooms

Larger, maintenance free systems for bathtubs and higher usage.

Clubs and businesses

Customised solutions for clubs, healthcare and hotels.

Popular Heat Pumps in Singapore

Micro Heat Pump Water Heater
From $3185
Landed Heat Pump Water Heater
From $6521