A. O. Smith Mini Digital Water Heater

The most powerful hot water solution to date

The mini is perfect for those who love their long showers

From $900

Control panel

The control panel tells you the real time quantity of hot water in the heater tank. Use the panel to lower your thermostat an energy saving level of 50ºC to save energy.

WHY 50ºC? >

The only instant-storage heater in Singapore

With an unparalleled hot water recovery rate, the mini generates hot water 2.5 times faster than a first generation electric water heater. Get hot water instantly.

A sensor at hot water outlet detects your hot water requirements the minute your faucet goes on.


Same tank size, 600% better performance

The mini water heater easily outperforms a first generation water heater.

1st gen 40 lit: 8 minutes of hot water
8th gen 40 lit: 24 minutes of hot water


Intelligent Maintenance Monitor (IMM)

Patent ZL201210318688.9

Intelligent Maintenance Monitor or IMM, actively measures the level of corrosive ions in your tank and prompts you when maintenance is required.

Regular maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the heater.

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high resistance robotic weld 21kg 850C blue diamond

Blue Diamond Tank

With 145 years of research and development and a glass formula known to only seven people in the world, A. O. Smith Blue Diamond tanks hold the world standard for reliability.

A. O. Smith is currently the largest water heater manufacturer worldwide.


Effective hot-water protection

Not only is the formula for Blue Diamond patented, its tank coating process is also a trade secret. Every A. O. Smith water heater tank is Blue Diamond glass lined and has an expected life span of at least 10 years.

Patented Blue Diamond Element

Patent ZL200510037670.1

A. O. Smith is the only water heater company with the technology to glass line their heating elements. Glass lined elements significantly reduce scaling and keep heating efficiency high.


100% fully-owned robotic plants

To maintain high quality control, A. O. Smith Corporation fully owns every of their 21 plants worldwide. They are the only manufacturer with the technology to employ robotics over 95% of their production line.

Established in 1874

A. O. Smith Corporation has led the industry in the development of advanced automated technology, manufacturing car frames for Ford and Cadillac in the 1900s. The consistency of their processes have been unparalleled in the last 100 years.

How to use the panel?

Ideal settings for family of 2-4 pax
  • Set between 50-55ºC
  • Mode: Turn AES off. Why?
  • Timers: No need to set timers, this heater produces hot water for one shower instantly. How?
  • Do not set your thermostat below 50ºC. Why?

What is the difference between digital gen 8 and digital gen 6?

Gen 8 is equipped with more advanced technology and its performance is better.

Speed heat time from full cold tank:
Gen 6: 2 min
Gen 8: 0 min

Run-time of hot water in minutes:
Gen 6: 16 min
Gen 8: 24 min

How does IMM prolong the life of my heater?

Intelligent Maintenance Monitor or IMM, actively measures the level of corrosive ions in your tank and prompts you when maintenance is required.

Regular maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the water heater.

What maintenance should I do and when?

There are two maintenance types. Safety maintenance should be done every 3 years after the initial AOS Bath 3-year warranty.

A tank flushing is recommended every 5 years. This helps to keep water in the tank and sediment free.

AES not working for you?

Due to Singapore’s warmer climate, AES has been known to restrict the heater’s heating cycle. Users who encounter hot water shortages are advised to disable the AES function.

Product Specifications

Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
EWH-40 880 340 350

Specs EWH-40
Rated volume (L) 40
Power (kW) 4.0
Voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 220~/50
Temperature range (°C) 35 – 75 ± 5
Rated water pressure (MPa) 0.8
Inlet/outlet connection (inches) ½
Waterproof grade IPX4
Net weight (kg) 21

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